Guitarbags designed from our Van in Australia - our story

Our story started in Australia, while traveling around Australia in our Van. Sam bought a second hand guitar, without a guitar bag. We needed to transport the guitar with all our stuff in the Van. And we didn't want it to damage.


So we went searching online guitar shops and in guitar stores for nice guitar bags, but couldn't find any nice guitar bag on the market.

We could find only boring black guitar bags, with simpel designs and not really comfortable. 

So we came up with the idea to design our own guitar bag. 

Why not combine the best parts of every guitar bag into one best guitar bag design?

So we started to collect all the best parts of other guitar bags and contacted some designers to design it to the best guitarbag on the market.  See here our green guitarbag and blue guitarbag.

Watch our full story of GigPack

GigPack started from our Van

View from our Van in Australia, where it all started..


Guitarbag samples arrived in our Van

We started contacting manufacturers who could design our guitar backpack and let the samples sent all around Australia to our Van.


We finetuned to the best guitar backpack

We gave feedback on our guitar backpack samples and soon we arrived at the perfect guitar cover. 

Designed in Australia, sent from The Netherlands

We ended up designing the perfect guitar cover on the market. Really easy to carry, comfortable, good design and really good pockets for your; laptop, guitar books, tuner, capo and so on. 



We even added a (free) extra guitarbag raincover to our design

All our guitar cases are waterproof, but to give it just that extra protection when it really rains. We added an extra free raincover to all our guitar cases. Which you can easily store in a separate pocket around the neck. 


Guitar travel backpack easy to take with you

Our gig bags are really easy to take with you while traveling. Why not take it with you to play some music after your surf session?