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Want to buy a guitar bag, but don't know what to look for? Then read these tips on buying an acoustic guitar bag.

Buying the right guitar case

When buying a guitar bag you should pay attention to the size of your guitar, how comfortable the guitar bag carries and how well the guitar bag protects depends on which guitar bag you should buy. 

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Also keep in mind that you buy a gig bag that has good shoulder straps, this way your guitar bag will protect your guitar well while walking and you buy a guitar bag that wears comfortably.

Guitar case buying comes pretty precise, we have designed a guitar bag that packs all the best elements of guitar covers together into one perfect guitar cover. Protects your guitar perfectly on your way to your gigs

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Guitar case with perfect protection

If you want to buy a guitar bag, it is important to pay attention to how good the protection (padding) is of the guitar bag. Buying a guitar bag from GigPack gives you a guarantee of 1 1/2 inches of padding for extra protection.

Extra protection at the guitar neck is also recommended, so the neck of the guitar remains extra protected against bumps.

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Guitar case with raincover included


For optimal protection in any weather, you can buy a guitar bag with raincover from Gigpack. Every guitar case from GigPack comes with a free raincover. So your guitar is optimally protected, even in bad weather.

The raincover is easy to store in a separate compartment in the guitar case, so you always have the rain cover at hand. Make sure your acoustic guitar case remains optimally protected during every trip.

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Case for acoustic guitar

If you are looking for a guitar bag for your acoustic guitar, it is important to look at the specifications of the guitar bag. This way you can be sure that you are buying an acoustic guitar bag.

Acoustic guitar cases, also known as classical guitar cases are often wider so the shape of an acoustic guitar fits into them more easily. If you want to buy an electric guitar bag, it is important that you go for a flatter model than the acoustic guitar bag. This way your electric guitar will stay tighter on your back.

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